The Coyote Series, inspired by the Joni Mitchell song; COYOTE, was created by Michigan native Markus Pierson in 1986. Normally philosophical, entrepreneurial or romantic in nature, the “Coyotes” are a metaphor for people. They are a symbol of pursuing your dreams, wearing your heart on your sleeve and celebrating all of life’s ups and downs.

Perhaps the only artist equally adept at painting, sculpting and writing; Markus chose the Coyotes (vs. painting people) because they allow him a broader and deeper range of emotional expression. “They are like a velvet glove. I can hit you with a reality, even a harsh one, but the Coyotes themselves take the edge off the impact.”

The “Gallery” within the Blue Coyote offers both Originals and Limited Print Editions for sale, many of them celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the series. It’s a must see whether a quick introductory look after your meal or a personal tour in the afternoon. It’ll be hard to pick…but once you do, trust me, it’ll be hard to have just one. That my friends…is so true!



“A life lived beautifully, if not with perfection: And love given in earnest, if not always to the right recipient. A heart that is full and beats with purpose, but in the eyes a faraway look, in the soul a persistent churning. Would that he could he would appoint himself VICEROY of all the world’s dreamers, shake them from their apathetic slumber, and toss them down the road to their splendid, suspended, intended destinies: And freed of that responsibility, he’d go off by himself to contentment, solitude and harmony…But no, sorry, no! For every dreamer awakened seems there’s two more sleeping, and there’s the True behind the Blue. LONG LIVE THE BLUE COYOTE, THE HAUNTED ONE. VICEROY TO ALL THE WORLD’S DREAMERS. GODSPEED.”

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A series of 5 Essays

A series of 5 Essays…following the short, sweet Introductory Essay pictured above, will be unveiled one at a time starting in the Spring of 2014! The story of the creator, the composer, the sculptor…of the “Coyote Series”. Certainly for the passionate bunch currently collecting the “Dogs” but just as importantly, and maybe even more so, I say they’re for those of you on the bubble, in the hunt, curious to the point of crazed decisions…that really need to know… WHY Markus paints what he does, living a treacherous journey of excavation, sooo determined to unearth life’s deeper meanings and encouraging, perhaps even daring, or quite frankly, demanding, you to do the same. It’s time to start your own journey… the journey of the Certified Haunted Dreamers!

Please inquire with the manager about the essays!  I have them, you need them…time to kick start your dreams!

Series I