January 12, 2014 at 3:11 pm

ViceroyA life lived beautifully, if not with perfection: And love given in earnest, if not always to the right recipient. A heart that is full and beats with purpose, but in the eyes a faraway look, in the soul a persistent churning. Would that he could he would appoint himself VICEROY of all the world’s dreamers, shake them from their apathetic slumber, and toss them down the road to their splendid, suspended, intended destinies: And freed of that responsibility, he’d go off by himself to contentment, solitude and harmony…But no, sorry, no! For every dreamer awakened seems there’s two more sleeping, and there’s the True behind the Blue. LONG LIVE THE BLUE COYOTE, THE HAUNTED ONE. VICEROY TO ALL THE WORLD’S DREAMERS. GODSPEED.

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